A full day is planned on Saturday September 16th!

Noon - We're planning on staking out at Lory's Lakeside early in case anyone wants to beat the rush and hang with us before the party really gets going at 1 PM.

1 PM - Official Meet & Greet hour w/drinks. "As official as it gets" the Wedding Ceremony will be held somewhen in this hour.

2 PM - Meat & more Meat hour. It's time to feast!

3 PM - Dessert & Traditional Reception stuff.

4 PM - Good golly, there’ll be singing and dancing. Cleanup is supposed to begin at 4:30 but all's fair in love, war & weddings.

5 PM - Behold the Belly Dancer then head to the after Party! Weather permitting, we're heading down the road to Memorial Park for whatever we want to do. I'll have a cooler of non-alcoholic drinks for refreshments.

6 PM - Lots of fun to be had at Memorial Park. In the event of inclement weather we'll be meeting somewhere else - probably one of the local hotels.

7 PM - Sunset = 7:05 PM - Soooo pretty! Time to decide what to do next. . .

8 PM - We're open to suggestions. Ain’t it funny how the night moves?