Thanks so much for even clicking this far, but like the tab says: Everything is Optional and as this not your traditional wedding, this isn't your traditional registry. We've been reminded that folks are going to bring gifts to a wedding even if we said "Oh! You don't have to do that!" and We're OK with that. =] Just know that we already have a crock-pot and Eric works for a company that makes china and crystal.

So, here's some form of a Gift Registry. I wanted to set something up online but couldn't find one that suited me so I installed and customized one to my own specifications. It's all self contained on this website so have no worries about using your email address. Just add yourself as a new account and you'll automatically be setup and ready to rock.

Click here to jump into the registry!

Quick instructions: Click the link above, then click the "Need an Account" link. Enter your name, full name & email address and you'll be setup automatically. Your password will be emailed to you. Eric had to set it up this way to prevent spammers from using our registry for their ill-deeds.

Once you have your new account, you can sign in and click "Update Profile" at the bottom to change your password.

With that taken care of, under the 'people I'm shopping for' link, click "Heather & Eric".

If you see something you'd like to get, click the Lock icon on the right. This reserves the item so nobody else can buy it before you get to it. If you actually buy something, click the Checkmark icon. This marks the item as purchased.

That's pretty much it. As a computer geek Eric decided to go this route. Blame him (or send emails) if there are any problems, bugs, or praise to be dealt with. Thanks again!